peer-to-peer web jam

hosted by Agorama

peer-to-peer web jam
12 - 18:00
Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th January 2019
Rebecca's Flat at Raven Row
56a Artillery Lane, London, E1 7LS

Please bring ideas, a networked device and a packed lunch

+Person to Person+

Social Design, Human Computer Interaction, Cultures and Languages.

The entry level and maintenance for using 'distributed apps' or engaging with the p2p web is still quite high, most users appear to be political graphic designers, creative hackers or idealist programmers. What would motivate people to become p2p web natives? While the number of active Facebook users have dropped there is no mass migration to an alternative because the alternatives are often obscure, temperamental and difficult to get working. What design can be done to make the understanding of p2p more engaging, interactive and exciting rather than just random link jumping.

+P2P is not for me+

p2p Applications, Graphic Design, Websites, Hacks, Interventions

Distributed applications are the fabric that weaves this emerging network together. What ethos should software, code and applications built on the p2p web adhere to? How can the design of such applications inspire and encourage different usage of the p2p web - we are talking about expanding networked communication from simply Dropbox cloud storage solutions and revisiting applications and protocol to create a more distributed web. But, as we know from the initial designs around distributed networks, distributed computing does not necessarily mean a more equal or egalitarian society. When the majority of users want technology to 'just work' how can the benefits of p2p be communicated without relying on existing platform monopolies?

+Everything is a Server Serving Everything+

Server Architecture, File Transfer Protocols, IoT, Stack Administration and Infrastructure.

The affordance of lightweight portable computers such as the raspberry pi enables pretty much any devices to be connected as part of the Internet of Things landscape. New devices deserve new protocols and with rise of portable home hubs and other smart tech developments the p2p network could offer new possibilities for offline, autonomous digital communication. What possible options and possibilities does p2p protocol offer to networked devices and communications. How can cloud base services become personally owned and integrated into the p2p web? Can a group of administrators run a co-operative and help create a more autonomous internet?